Emily Chiu

composer / lyricist / musician

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Book/Lyrics by Ellen Johnston
Music by Emily Chiu

Once upon a time, in a far-off aquarium, there was an octopus who liked to eat yams. Once upon a time there was an octopus in a far-off aquarium who decided to prophesize, so he could eat more yams. Once upon a time there was an old-but-young-at-heart Japanese yam-van-lady who fed him yams, and a cantankerous Ukrainian janitor/former professor of philosophy who was jealous that the two of them were friends at all. There were some other characters too, like a girl who liked to set things on fire but was really looking for a friend. She didn’t like yams...until she did. This is not a show about yams. But it is a show about an aquarium coming together. With songs and existentialism and meditations on nature. And yams.

(1 hr 40 min)