Emily Chiu

composer / lyricist / musician

Full-length shows


Book & Lyrics by Ellen Johnston
Music by Emily Chiu

Once upon a time, in a far-off aquarium, there was a prophetic octopus who liked to eat yams. His best friend was an old-but-young-at-heart Japanese yam-van-lady who fed him yams.
This is not a show about yams, but it is a show about an aquarium coming together. With songs and existentialism and meditations on nature. And yams.


Book by Keurim Hur
Lyrics by Emily Chiu
Music by Xiaodan Zhang

Harper and Spork, two minor characters in a mediocre Young Adult novel, discover that they are on a magical shelving cart that allows them to travel to other books overnight. 
Unshelved is a genre-hopping meta musical that examines what it means to be a character in our literary landscape. 

keaton & the whale

Book & Lyrics by Molly Reisman
Music by Emily Chiu

A lonely artist named Keaton meets the loneliest whale in the world, who sings at 52-hertz, a frequency no other whale can hear. The Whale has been swimming alone and singing to only his shadow for who knows how long until one day he hears a mysterious voice reply. Unfortunately for The Whale, this voice is actually the shitty sound installation of tortured graduate student, Keaton. Keaton and the Whale is a story about loneliness and the beauty of communication in all of its many forms.